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Agile Product Planning and Analysis

This talk presents a method for Agile product planning and analysis with application examples. Discover to deliver is a method was recently published by Ellen Gottesdiener and Mary Gorman, recognized experts in Agile requirements management and collaboration.

How to Do a Good Product Demo

Working in middle to large companies means working with several Scrum teams, different departments and having often far from ideal working communication processes. Product Management usually is only one piece of the greater picture and has to

Lean Product Management

Product Management is an art of balancing customer needs with creating business value. Unfortunately, many of the tools and values we have as Product Managers do not focus on building products our customers need, but building what

What Is A Product Owner?

This short video provides the definition of the Product Owner role in Scrum according to the 2013 Scrum Guide.

Product Ownership in a Nutshell

In this video, Henrik Kniberg has compressed a one day product ownership course into a 15 minute animated presentation.