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Agile in the Real Trenches

The Agile principle of “trusting work to the self-organizing, self-managing teams” is radically different to the military doctrine of “strict top-down hierarchy, command & control”. Yet almost a 100 years ago this idea was tried out on

Navigating Politics in Agile Teams

Have you ever wondered why, when you’ve finally got Agile/Lean working nicely in your software engineering team, managers or ‘outsiders’ can come in and create politics ‘un-necessarily’, despite your best efforts? Have you ever sat there in

A Creativity (R)Evolution

We are incessantly, almost compulsively drawn to gatherings of intelligent, creative people. While we are looking to learn ways to change our professional and personal lives for the better with Agile approaches, on a deeper level, we’re

The Art of Learning and Mentoring

Similarly to design patterns, present pedagogical patterns solutions to recurring problems in a given context. The wider context for the pedagogical patterns is teaching and learning, especially of technical subjects.

Habits of a Responsible Programmer

What is a responsible programmer? What habits does a responsible programmer have? I started asking myself and others that question and this presentation is the result of this. I will look into good habits for coding, using