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Agile Tribes

Being a good team isn’t easy. Apply the principles at the organizational level is even harder. The book Tribal Leadership is not very much known in Scrum community but the understanding of the dominant tribe culture in

Agile Performance Appraisal

Why it does performance appraisal not work in an Agile environment and what to do with it. Why traditional performance appraisal only could work in static, hierarchical organizations. Why performance appraisal is a system – much more

Create an Agile Learning Organization for Developers

How do you create an environment in which developers continuously improve, learn new skills, and share insights and knowledge with each other in a multiteam iterative development organization? In this session, you will get insights into how

The Project Manager Fear

Project fear, not dissimilar to imposter syndrome, tends to affect all project leaders at some point (or many points) in their career. This session tackles project fear by fully defining it, investigating its roots, noting its symptoms,

Be Brave and Vulnerable

You have to be brave in order to change the world! So what does this have to do with me? You might think; I just want to do my job – not change the world. At work