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Does Pair Programming Have to Suck?

On some Agile teams pair programming is the norm; developers enjoy the collaboration and experience enhanced productivity. Others, though, work on teams where pairing is shunned, avoided, or just faked. Why do some craftsmen thrive with pairing

Pair Programming, TDD and Other Impractical Things

“Why should we write our tests first? Isn’t that going to slow my development?” “What? Assigning a single task to 2 developers? How is that efficient? What a waste of resources!” “Look, in the perfect world your

Pair Programming in Agile Software Development

This short tutorial explains Pair Programming of Agile Scrum Development and why Pair Programming is such a good idea. It dives into the reasons why we should use Pair Programming including: built in peer review, better thought

Pair Programming is Fun!

What is pairing all about? Is it only about writing code or tests, or is it more than that? Come have some fun and learn how to pair without writing code. You might even find yourself laughing

Pair Programming

Pair Programming is a core practices of extreme programming and literally means that all production software is written by two programmers, sitting side by side, at the same machine. This practice ensures that all production code is