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Agile Metrics: Velocity is NOT the Goal

Velocity is one of the most common metrics used (and misused) on Agile and Scrum projects. Velocity is simply a measurement of speed in a given direction; the rate at which a team is delivering toward a

Agile Metrics

This presentation discusses the good the bad and the ugly of Agile metrics: * What makes a good metric? * Why should you use metrics? * What are some examples of metrics? * Are there any majors

Measurements for Agile Software Development Organizations

Agile methods are empirical and encourage each and every project to measure its velocity and performance. Agile methods also encourage teams to inspect and adapt; changing their method and practices on the fly.

Metrics Based Refactoring

Metric_fu makes it easy to generate reports that measure code quality. Once you’ve created the reports, what do you do next? You know your code could be better. Now what? As lead developer of metric_fu, Jake Scruggs

Measure for Measure – Lean Principles for Effective Metrics and Motivation

This presentation explores the nature of motivation and the place of metrics and measurement in software development, and how lean software development principles and practices shed light on motivation and metrics and how they can be used