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Let’s Play TDD #2: Peering Dimly Into the Future

James Shore continues his series on Test Driven Development in Java with Eclipse and JUnit with further development and test of the project application. Video producer: James Shore

Let’s Play TDD #1: How Does This Thing Work, Again?

James Shore starts this series on Test Driven Development by describing what his goals are and then starts with a new project in Java with Eclipse where he will apply TDD using JUnit. Video Producer: James Shore

Contract Tests in JUnit 4

As part of his talk on integration tests J.B. Rainsberger talked about how contract tests can be used to test the interaction between classes when using a mockist approach to developer testing. He wondered aloud if it

To Test or Not to Test

Antony Marcano presents a discussion of FIT, and jUnit in the context of communication, automated testing, and TDD at the Agile Alliance Functional Testing Tools (AAFTT) visioning workshop.

A Place To Put Things

At the Agile Alliance Functional Testing Tools (AAFTT) Visioning Workshop, Elisabeth Hendrickson proposes a high level structure to standard where the elements in a functional test go. She discusses how xUnit and FIT provide significant value through