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PowerMock can be used to test code normally regarded as untestable! Have you ever heard anyone say that you should never use static or final methods in your code because it makes them impossible to test? Have

John Ferguson Smart Devoxx Interview

John Ferguson Smart is a freelance consultant and author of Java Power Tools. During the interview John, Dick and Carl talk about Continuous Integration tools, parameterized unit tests and what other test approaches the near future

Behavior Driven Development in Java with easyb

Easyb is a new and very hip behavior driven development framework for Java. This talk will go through the basic principles of Behavior Driven Development, and look at how it builds on and differs from “traditional” Test-Driven

JUnit Tutorial

A brief tutorial on how to use the JUnit testing framework for Java.

Writing Testable Code

Misko Hevery made a presentation at Google Tech Talks about unit testing. He tells us that “There is no secret to writing tests… … there are only secrets to writing testable code!”. He describes the different category