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Extending Continuous Integration

The talk shows how we can implement a rigorous, yet agile process. It is based around our experiences of putting the good idea of continuous integration and other agile methods into life and using this as the

Easy and Maintainable Enterprise Testing with Unitils

Unit testing has become a mainstream task. Most developers do it. Most project leaders and architects expect their team to write tests. However, practice has taught us that a lot of teams write few tests, or spend

Jason van Zyl on the Future of Maven: Maven 3

Jason recently talked about Maven 3 at the Maven Meetup on March 19, 2009. Here is his entire presentation. In it, Jason discusses plans for Maven 3: support for incremental builds, changes to Plexus, better multi-language support,

Improving on Unit Tests with Sonar

Sonar enables to collect, analyze and report metrics on source code. Sonar not only offers consolidated reporting on and across projects throughout time, but it becomes the central place to manage code quality. This screencast shows how

Making Code More Testable – Breaking Static Dependencies

This screencast tries to cover how the static dependencies in constructor could be broken. Watch this screencast on