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Efficient Ways to Work with Requirements

This talk is about the cooperation between test organisations and the people working with requirements. How do we work as efficiently as possible? When during the project lifecycle can we gain from each other? How do we

Converting Fit to Slim

This tutorial shows you a simple conversion of a Fit test to a Slim test.

Getting Started with FitNesse – Slim Overview

FitNesse is a fully integrated standalone wiki and acceptance testing framework. This video is a quick overview of the architecture and usages of Slim.

Selenium on Rails

Have you heard the story of the poor code monkey? The one who had to prove to his boss that his web app actually worked? Are you the poor code monkey? See how Selenium on Rails can

BDD with Cucumber

Cucumber is a BDD tool that aids in outside-in development by executing plain-text features/stories as automated acceptance tests. Written in conjunction with the stakeholder, these Cucumber “features” clearly articulate business value and also serve as a practical