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Selenium + FitNesse – A QA Multiplier Effect

This demonstration describes how Selenium integrated with FitNesse extends an organization’s ability to create more automated test cases without the need for Selenium programming while expanding the ability to test across all popular browsers. With FitNesse, QA

Learn how to Use Selenium with Maven/Ant to Automate Testing of Web Apps

San Francisco Java User Group presents Chris Bedford who talks about: – How to write functional tests with Selenium (including explaining its IDE, architecture, RC, and alternatives like Canoo WebTest) – How to set up Selenium testing

How TDD/BDD Miss the Point: Introducing EDD

Ruby’s testing culture goes way back, and has been a force for making many Ruby projects a showcase for solid, maintainable code. That said, within a business an exclusive focus on TDD and BDD can easily miss

Go Behave! A BDD Framework for the Go Programming Language

Gospecify is a behavior-driven development (BDD) framework for Go. Rather than focus on testing every nook and cranny of some code, it helps a programmer produce an executable specification of that code’s behavior. Go’s syntax allowed gospecify

Functional Testing Tools in Python

As we become more efficient at producing web sites, inevitably the issue of quality (or lack thereof) can begin to slow the velocity at which implementation teams are able to move forward. Functional testing tools can help