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Agile Testing and SeleNesse

Tools like FitNesse allows test automation to happen quickly and broadly. However, many companies can’t support it in their infrastructure. Dawn Cannan got around this problem by helping create SeleNesse, a Selenium-FitNesse plugin. She also paired with

Selenium + FitNesse – A QA Multiplier Effect

This demonstration describes how Selenium integrated with FitNesse extends an organization’s ability to create more automated test cases without the need for Selenium programming while expanding the ability to test across all popular browsers. With FitNesse, QA

Automating Business Value with FIT and Fitnesse

Agile communities consider stories “done” when the acceptance tests (also called story tests) are shown to the customer. Originally, this was a manual process, but in recent years, several frameworks have been created to automate this process,

FitNesse: Wishful Thinking with Scenario Tables

This tutorial presents the usage of scenarios to approach tests from different levels of abstraction.

FitNesse: Slim Data Types

A tutorial on the data types in Slim tables.