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Software Craftsmanship

After over ten years since the Agile summit, software projects are still failing and developers are still behaving and being treated as factory workers. The software development industry is still very amateur when compared to other professions.

Danger! Software Craftsmen Ahead!

The software craftsmanship movement has been getting many followers lately. It is not the first time that a group of developers say they had enough, and it’s time for a change. Only this time, it’s different. It

How to Make Your Culture Work with Agile

This video reviews the company culture model created by William Schneider and then use it to understand the Agile Manifesto, the Manifest for Software Craftsman and Kanban Principles to understand what their implied cultural bias. Video Producer:

Agile Fails Without Craftsmanship

With the craftsmanship movement, focus has shifted from viewing the developer as a production unit to viewing the developer as a craftsman with responsibility and individual skills. Agile can’t afford heavy processes to control developers. To be