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Continuous Integration & Delivery at Lego

Security is important – but in my experience managers, product owners and developers often find themselves lost in translation once they attempt to map the “Security is very important to us” abstraction to features and user stories.

The Death of Continuous Integration

This presentation describes how ever-better Feature Branching tooling has harmed Continuous Integration, compares the cost vs. value of Feature Branching and Trunk Based Development, and explains why Continuous Delivery without Continuous Integration is asking for trouble.

Best Practices for Continuous Integration and Deployment on AWS

With AWS, companies now have the ability to develop and run their applications with speed and flexibility like never before. Working with an infrastructure that can be 100 percent API driven enables businesses to use lean methodologies

Distributed Scrum Development with Jenkins

This presentation discusses the experience of using Jenkins to manage the full stack integration build and testing for DealerTrack 2.0 for more than six distributed Scrum teams.

Continuous Integration for PHP

Continuous integration is a big picture idea for big projects, but what if your projects and pictures aren’t big? Is continuous integration worthwhile for every day projects? Learn more about what continuous integration actually is, what tools