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Agile Release Strategy

Releasing often is probably the most important practice in agile development. In many projects it can also be the hardest practice. This talk will give you hands on advice on how to reliably reduce your release cycle.

Building Agile Infrastructures with Puppet

The reality of cloud computing and tools like Puppet have enabled systems architects to build agile infrastructures that can nimbly react to changing business needs. We will review pragmatic approaches and guidelines to developing agile infrastructures using

Continuous Integration and the “Cup of Coffee” Test

The “cup of coffee” metric examines if a developer can get up and get a cup of coffee once they commit code. After they’ve returned from their coffee break, the developer should have some feedback about whether

Agile Infrastructure

The basis of Agile engineering practices is reproducibly building from source code. If software is delivered on servers, and those servers can’t be reproducibly deployed from bare metal to working services, how Agile can you be? Continuous

Using Rake to Build, Run Unit Tests and Create Documentation

This screencast demonstrates how to use Rake to build .NET solution, run unit tests and build documentation. Rake with Ruby is a perfect combination which will eliminate Nant and MSBuild hell.