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Setting a Good Example

To get the most out of Behavior Driven Development (BDD), Specification by Example (SBE) or Acceptance Test-Driven Development (ATDD), you need much more than a tool. You need high value specifications. How do we get the most

Gojko Adzic Discusses Specification by Example

In this interview, Gojko Adzic discusses what BDD, ATDD and Specification by Example are and what are the differences between the three. Gojko Adzic is the author of the book “Specification by Example“. Specification by Example is

Convention-over-Configuration in an Agile World

This video discusses using TDD and BDD to avoid complexity and creating evolving architectures where convention is emphasized over configuration.

BDD With Cucumber RSpec

This two videos show how to do Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) with Ruby, Cucumber and RSpec.

TickSpec Demonstration

TickSpec is a lightweight Behavior Driven Development (BDD) framework. It describe behavior in plain text using the Gherkin business language: “given, when, then”.