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Agile Architecture, with an Update

James “Cope” Coplien has long been speaking about the need to maintain good but lightweight architectural practices in an Agile setting, and points to both industry experience and formal studies that support this position. Cope will talk

Agile and Architecture

Interesting things happen when you put the words “Agile” and “Architecture” in the same sentence. Some would say that they have nothing to do with each other, others would say that effectiveness in one precludes effectiveness in

How does design get done on an Agile Project?

Agile projects have a reputation in many circles as cowboy coding or purely “code n’fix.” While there might not be an explicitly defined “Architecture” or “Design” phase or activity, design is still an integral part of any

Agile Enterprise Software Development Using Domain-Driven Design and Test First

This talk presents the experience gained and lessons learned when the IT department at Statoil ASA, a large Oil and Gas company in Norway, used Domain-Driven design techniques to verify the software architecture chosen for the development