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A Bit of Agile in Waterfall Project Approach

Short stories and lessons learned from a waterfall oriented organization that wants to get more flexible but language barriers and time zone difference bring extra challenges for timely delivery – from iterations to multi-year product road-maps, from

“Agile” is the New “Black”

This mid80’ s declaration from the fashion industry has become synonymous with radical shifts in the norm of any field. Agile provided such a radical shift for traditional waterfall processes. Yet as Agile has matured, it is

Agile Transformation at Philips

The leader of the Philips transformation to Agile shares some of the insights of the transformational journey of this company to become more a more Agile and Entrepreneurial company. In this video, he explains what they were

Why Most Agile Adoptions Fail

This short video introduces some ideas that will help us map why we can’t get agile going and take effective steps to actually succeed with it.