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Lean UX is a Useful F***ing Lie

To understand LeanUX, we introduce Lean, Lean Systems, and Lean Startup to situate Lean UX in context. This introduction and discussion will use Kanban to explore various aspects and ideas of Lean UX such as hypothesis formulation,

Controlling Chaos with Kanban

Many Agencies suffer from the same problems: Too much to do, looming deadlines, dependencies on a few specialists, and insufficient predictability. On top of that, there are customers that want to know a fixed price and yet

Discovery Kanban

As the business landscape is becoming more and more volatile, many organisations need to undergo a fundamental change of management discipline. Recent failures of large and small organisations have shown that a single focus on optimised exploitation

Flow Thinking

Learn how to shift your focus from keeping people and equipment busy to having work flowing to your customers without unwanted waiting time and how that new focus will affect your meetings, process management, and metrics.

Lean Enterprise

Large organizations often struggle to leverage software to create innovative products. This is due to a number of organizational factors, including culture, governance and financial management, and the application of portfolio and program management strategies that do