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Post Agile Stress Disorder

You’ve seen it: Agile Fatigue, Lean Lethargy, SAFe Cracked, DAD Deadbeaten, Kanban Corrupted. We’ve been ritualed, frameworked, and holocracized until we’re blind. All to the point that people sit around and say, “Is my shirt Agile?” “Can I document anything anymore?” “Am I allowed to have work that isn’t on a board?” “Where do I fit in that gigantic diagram?”

We’ve all forgotten that process is not a product, it’s a means to an end. We want to build stuff, we want to make money, we want success. Jim Benson, who may be responsible for a process or two, (Personal Kanban, Lean Coffee) will lament the Process for Profit mill we’ve created, tell some funny stories of people stuck in these anti-systems, discuss the social and psychological reasons why this has happened, and offer some concrete suggestions of how we can evolve into better ways of working.

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