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Scaling Agile: Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

Trying to scale agile? A company culture that supports agile is the key to create a sustainable, scalable environment. Many successful companies have a strong company culture built on strong values. Even though the values of Spotify, Apple and Qlik are not fundamentally different from that of other companies, acting on these values contributes to their success.

Learn how Qlik, an international company with over 2000 employees has created a culture that has helped the company through extreme growth and many challenges. This talk focuses on how R&D lives the culture and put core values to work. Find out how Qlik does Qlik Academy, Appreciation and Guilds. These are stories of a culture that creates alignment and shared vision. A culture that fits in perfectly with the values of agile. You will understand why a strong culture matters and how values can build a culture that creates market leading software in an agile working environment.

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