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Agile Experience Design

Lindsay Ratcliffe, experience designer with ThoughtWorks, talks about a book she recently co-authored, “Agile Experience Design. This is the missing book about agile that shows how designers, product managers, and development teams can integrate experience design into

An Agile Alternative to Usability Testing

This video argues that traditional usability testing is too slow to properly support an iterative approach to product design. He presents the “design checkpoint” as a complementary activity: an informal exercise in which 1 designer meets with

Agile and UX: An Unholy Alliance?

This video presents a collaborative approach to the scaling of innovative user experience design on enterprise-strength RIAs delivered using Agile methodology. Learn the techniques technical and UX teams have evolved to successfully solve the dichotomy between iterative

GWT Testing Best Practices

GWT has a lot of little-publicized infrastructure that can help you build apps The Right Way: test-driven development, code coverage, comprehensive unit tests, and integration testing using Selenium or WebDriver. This session will survey GWT’s testing infrastructure,

Molybdenum Cross Browser Testing

Molybdenum is web UI testing made easy. Capture and replay, modularized and maintainable tests with bricks, data binding with external files, reporting with simple rerun possibilities, test other media than HTML like PDF with helper applications. It