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Experimental study about Test Driven Development

This week, Channel 9 dropped by Nachi Nagappan in the Empirical Software Engineering area. Nachi does studies on what works and does not work in software development using metrics. We talk with him about Test Driven Development:

Ben Hall – Red, Green, Refactor

Starting to unit test your first project is difficult, where to start? What to test? How do you even get started? In this session, Ben starts from scratch and implements an 2.0 application using test driven

Effective Test Driven Database Development

Although test-driven development is now considered common sense in the OO world, it is very rare in database development. This session looks at the reasons behind that and presents solutions and best practices for test-driven database development.

An Introduction to Test Driven Development in C#

A 10 Minute introduction to test driven development and unit testing using NUnit and C#. Produced as part of the Readify Developer Network. Aditional resource: Improving Application Quality Using Test-Driven Development (TDD) Demystifying Extreme Programming: Test-driven programming

Agile Web Development with Grails

Agile Development is all about developing code and seeking feedback from your users to make sure you’re developing what’s relevant. When changes are suggested, they must be affordable and reliable. Grails, along with its facility to develop