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Agile Style Scalability

This video presents Pivotal Labs development process: how they go from minimum viable product to high traffic site, where they focus and when. In particular, the talk will provide hands-on pointers on how to make your Ruby

Learning TDD through Test-first Teaching

How to get started with TDD? Test-First Teaching is an innovative teaching approach that is gaining widespread adoption. Sarah Allen talks about how she teaches Ruby and Rails through a test-first approach. She demonstrates test-first teaching and

Rails in the Large: How Agility Allows Us to Build One Of the World’s Biggest Rails Apps

Neal Ford shows what ThoughtWorks learned from scaling Rails development: infrastructure, testing, messaging, optimization, performance.

Selenium on Rails

Have you heard the story of the poor code monkey? The one who had to prove to his boss that his web app actually worked? Are you the poor code monkey? See how Selenium on Rails can

TDD: It’s About More Than Just “Testing”

Recently, in the Rails community, there has been an upsurge of interest in testing. For instance, in the past year alone, we’ve seen the introduction of a bevy of new testing-related gems (i.e. context, cucumber, factory_girl, remarkable,