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Advanced Topics in Agile Planning

Velocity is perhaps the most useful metric available to agile teams. In this session we will look at advanced uses of velocity for planning under special but common circumstances. We will see how to forecast velocity in

Agile Information Radiators

Alastair Cockburn defines an information radiator “displays information in a place where passersby can see it.” There are many forms of information radiators in Agile and Scrum: sprint planning boards, product planning boards, road maps, …..

The Sword And Other Tales

In this fast-moving and varied presentation, Gwyn and Laurie will condense over a year’s worth of retrospectives into one hour of shiny new practices that have been stress-tested in small web development teams. We’ll talk about the

Introduction to Agile Estimation

We’re agile, so we don’t have to estimate and have no deadlines, right? Wrong! This session will consist of an overview of the concept of agile estimation and the notion of re-estimation. We’ll learn about user stories,

Sizing Agile Projects Using Function Points

This short video explains how to size iterations and applications.