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Setup Eclipse for Maven, TestNG, SVN and Selenium

This video will show you on the Mac, how to setup your Eclipse IDE to use Maven, TestNG, SVN, and Selenium. I will also quickly show you how to create a project and set it to use

Industrial Strength Groovy

Paul King presents some of the tools helping one programming in Groovy: Cobertura – code coverage, CodeNarc – code style, EasyB – acceptance tests, GroovyDoc – documentation, GroovyMock/Spock – mocking and testing, Hudson – CI builds, Maven/Ant/Gant/Gradle

Learn how to Use Selenium with Maven/Ant to Automate Testing of Web Apps

San Francisco Java User Group presents Chris Bedford who talks about: – How to write functional tests with Selenium (including explaining its IDE, architecture, RC, and alternatives like Canoo WebTest) – How to set up Selenium testing

Maven 3 Reloaded

The Maven team has gone to the ends of the earth to ensure backward compatibility, improve usability, increase performance, allow safe embedding, and pave the way for implement many highly demanded features. This talk will briefly cover

Jason van Zyl on the Future of Maven: Maven 3

Jason recently talked about Maven 3 at the Maven Meetup on March 19, 2009. Here is his entire presentation. In it, Jason discusses plans for Maven 3: support for incremental builds, changes to Plexus, better multi-language support,