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Leadership is a Choice, not a Rank

This talk about leadership discusses how can we redefine leadership with the aim to build better products? It contains two case studies in recruiting advocates and collaboration to ship products and in organizing volunteers for Open Tech

A Systems Approach to Leadership

Many organizational change initiatives fail due to lackluster leadership support. This should not surprise us as we often find that just below the surface nothing has changed. We should not expect organizations to transform if we don’t

Bringing Leadership Agility to Agile

Agile can transform software development teams – and other kinds of teas – in amazing ways. As Agile takes hold and proves its worth, people begin to see the need for a new kind of “leadership culture”

The Chaos of Leadership or the Leadership of Chaos

Our world suffers from terminal normality. Our world also suffers from too much false expertise, wrong answers, manipulative influence, and bad advice. In this chaos we are taught to make our way to be a success!

The Art of Leadersheep

There‘s a lot of buzz about Leadership in the Lean and Agile Community. But why should we guess about what style of leadership is the best one? Instead, we should go directly to the source and ask