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Distributed Scrum Development with Jenkins

This presentation discusses the experience of using Jenkins to manage the full stack integration build and testing for DealerTrack 2.0 for more than six distributed Scrum teams.

Introducing Inheritance Between Jobs to Jenkins

Configuring jobs is the bread-and-butter of Jenkins. However, tracking their subtle differences can be hard. The configuration of jobs can become outdated or incomplete. While there are many plugins that can help with this, none of them

Jenkins Continuous Integration: State of the Union

Kohsuke Kawaguchi is the creator of the Hudson open source tools for continuous integration, later forked as Jenkins. In this Jenkins User Conference San Francisco 2012 keynote, he presents the current status of the Jenkins project and

Continuous Delivery Using Jenkins

The adoption of Continuous Delivery as the next step after Continuous Integration has been taking off in the recent year, with the goal of achieving production quality application early in the development cycle through automation and collaboration

Performance Continuous Integration with Jenkins and Multi-Mechanize

This video shows how to use the Jenkins Performance Plugin to execute Multi-Mechanize performance tests and capture results in a Continuous Integration environment.