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Play at Work: Releasing Human Potential Through Play

Are you frustrated by an unhappy and cynical workforce? Do you feel swamped by poor quality deliverables that no one wants? Do you dream of doing more of what you love and enabling others to do the

Creating Agile Learning Games

One of the things Agile Learning Labs is known for is our use of simulations and learning games. Learning games are effective because they engage across all four of the key learning styles: Kinetic/Tactile Spatial/Visual Auditory Logical.

Creating the Kanban Pizza Game

Games become more and more important to help people understand the underlying mindset. They help us try new things and experiment in a safe environment. The question is: what makes a good agile game and how to

How to Cope with Communication Problems in an Agile Project?

Nowadays project managers more and more frequently choose agile methodologies while conducting sophisticated projects. It is mainly because it increases effectiveness of the team and customer satisfaction. Unfortunately as in other methodologies problems with human resources occurs

EVE Online Fanfest 2009 – Scrum & Agile

Learn how the greatest game studios create games. In this session Senior Technical Producer Aðalsteinn “Alli” Óttarsson and Lead Game Designer Noah “Hammerhead” Ward tell a tale of how CCP migrated its 3 studios on 3 continents