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FitNesse: Wishful Thinking with Scenario Tables

This tutorial presents the usage of scenarios to approach tests from different levels of abstraction.

FitNesse: Slim Data Types

A tutorial on the data types in Slim tables.

10-4 Episode 18: Functional UI Testing

In this episode of 10-4 we look at a new type of test coming in Visual Studio Team System 2010 known as the coded UI test. Coded UI tests can be created to automatically navigate through your

FitNesse: Slim Comparison Operators

A quick demonstration of the comparison operators used in Slim Tables. FitNesse home page

Storytelling Techniques

Storytelling done well pauses the speed button, restoring our mental peace well enough to not just listen but digest, to resonate with the information we have at hand. We might think of storytelling from our childhood days