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Setup Eclipse for Maven, TestNG, SVN and Selenium

This video will show you on the Mac, how to setup your Eclipse IDE to use Maven, TestNG, SVN, and Selenium. I will also quickly show you how to create a project and set it to use

Saros Distributed Pair Programming for Eclipse

Saros is an open source Eclipse plugin for distributed pair programming. It allows to do collaborative text editing with support of many participants at once. All members of a session have an identical copy of an Eclipse

Removing Duplication by Refactoring

This video removes the duplication in the add and subtract classes by introducing an abstract base class. The end result is a use of the template method pattern. Video Producer: Brett L. Schuchert

Getting Started with TDD in Java using Eclipse

Starting with an empty workspace, this video begins with a demonstration of basic Test Driven Development in Java using Eclipse. From basic tests and basic production code, to refactoring, and some splashes of Behavior Driven Development, watch