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Let’s Do Some Upfront Design

Sometimes a little time spent upfront on design is worth it. Just because we’re agile doesn’t mean no design upfront. Unfortunately some people have taken “working software over comprehensive documentation” to mean no documentation and no design.

Evolutionary Design Illustrated

In an agile environment, programmers must deliver working software in the first iteration. Requirements may change at any time, so there’s no way to design the software in advance. Instead, you must design your software based on

Rebecca Wirfs-Brock on Agile Design and Architecture

Rebecca Wirfs-Brock talks about different techniques that are useful for Agile teams to create and maintain good design and architecture. She discusses the use of lightweight techniques, such as the use of CRC cards for thinking about

Responsive Design

Purpose and intent are just as important as skill in effective software development. Skill allows you to deliver value in difficult technical circumstances. Clear purpose and positive intent allow you to deliver value in difficult social and

How does design get done on an Agile Project?

Agile projects have a reputation in many circles as cowboy coding or purely “code n’fix.” While there might not be an explicitly defined “Architecture” or “Design” phase or activity, design is still an integral part of any