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Agile Product Planning and Analysis

This talk presents a method for Agile product planning and analysis with application examples. Discover to deliver is a method was recently published by Ellen Gottesdiener and Mary Gorman, recognized experts in Agile requirements management and collaboration.

What Colour is Your Backlog?

Philippe Kruchten presents some ongoing research. It is about backlog and time-box, about value versus cost, about visible features versus invisible features (and in particular software architecture), about defects and technical debt, and more generally about release

How to Manage your Sprint Backlog

This video explains how to manage a sprint backlog. This is a prioritized list of tasks that a Scrum Team committed to realize during a sprint.

Prioritizing for Profit

This talk will provide you with a proven process for how to prioritize a backlog for profit. It will debunk the mistaken theory that you can prioritize a backlog for ROI and provide concrete examples of how

Prioritizing Your Product Backlog

Choosing the right features can make the difference between the success and failure of a software product. Mike Cohn presented ‘Prioritizing your Project Backlog’ at Agile 2008 on how a project backlog should be organized and prioritized