Level Demand and Manage Risk with Classes of Service

Whether we’re dealing with small work items or whole projects, the impact of delay can vary enormously. Why then do we often pretend that we can manage all work in the same way? Classes of Service gives us a framework to describe what many good process managers do implicitly; making this explicit, we make available to teams the tools for better decision-making internally and for setting justifiable expectations externally.

Come to this tutorial session if you struggle to organise a workload that includes a mixture of hard deadlines (e.g. office relocation, business integration, product launch), urgent interruptions (support work), value-driven work (that helps acquire customers or save significant costs) and important but less urgent work behind the scenes (platform upgrades, improvement work). You will learn how to achieve better outcomes by:
– Recognising work items according to risk profile
– Designing work scheduling policies for Kanban-based systems
– Agreeing system parameters and setting expectations

To help you apply concepts and techniques in context, each will be backed by real-world examples taken from organisations that vary widely in scale and style.

Event: Lean Kanban Benelux Conference

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