Lean-Kanban Is About People

Lean has been criticized of being tool-driven and not attending to the human aspect of development. This misunderstanding would almost be laughable if it weren’t so widespread. Lean’s is grounded in Deming’s work, the cornerstone of it being respect people. Lean grew up in a culture of managers being coaches to the workers so that continuous learning would be achieved. Lean puts responsibility in the hands of the lowest level worker in an organization. Kanban takes this a step further.

Kanban is designed as a change management system, a method of seeing where one is and then controlling the rate of change to the organizations desired state. It incorporates the Virginia Satir model of change as well as her insights on how change induces fear and resistance in people. In doing so, Kanban manifests Ikujiro Nonaka’s knowledge creation model as well. Understanding how Lean-Kanban is grounded in the psychological aspects of management, learning and change is essential to manage large scale agile transformations.

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