Using Kanban to Set up a Scrum Project

This video shows you how to leverage Kanban to organise your visioning work and what the corresponding Kanban board looks like. Scrum like most other agile methods is silent on the “fuzzy front end” – the early product creation activities that include market research, product planning, and prototyping and are commonly called “visioning.”

What’s more, Scrum is not well suited to manage the visioning work: The various tasks are often only loosely related. They usually don’t require a closely-knit team to carry out the work “all at once” and to create work the results incrementally. Additionally, Scrum requires that each sprint develops a product increment — a tangible step towards the final product that could be shipped. This video offers a simple solution for product managers and product owners: using Kanban to organise the visioning work. It introduces a Kanban board that helps product owners manage the visioning activities such as determining the target group, the needs to be addressed, the key product features, and a rough idea of how the software can be built. It discusses how the product lifecycle influences the visioning activities and the contents of the board, how the board helps create transparency about the visioning tasks and their progress, and how it facilitates collaboration and flow.

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