The Myth of Developer Productivity: Software is Not Manufacturing

While we assert that software development is not manufacturing, we often slip into manufacturing metaphors and analogies and then fail to extricate our explorations of how software development unfolds from manufacturing. Some of these analogies are so deeply–rooted into our customs that we readily contradict our own assertions. This presentation looks at just how handicapped your software development becomes at the hand of these engrained manufacturing perspectives. It looks at product development theory as a better analogy to software development and a more practicable body of knowledge for software development. And it looks at how even product development theory fails to illuminate software development when we backslide into manufacturing–specific product development. Lean and Agile methods are framed in terms of product development and software development productivity problems are laid open under the surgical precision of product development analogies to building software machines.

Watch this streaming video from the Norwegian Developer Conference 2010

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